Este espaço se destina à realização de exames de proficiência de língua portuguesa para estrangeiros.

Curso Oficial PRCEU: Não


Curso Oficial PRCEU: Não

The purposes of this course are  twofold:

  • to enable students identify  the different subdivisions of abstracts: aims, methods, results and final remarks;
  • to help students develop writing skills to produce   abstracts of  their own research areas.

The course is organized as follows:

Unit 1 - Types of abstracts

Unit 2 - Abstract move 1 : How abstracts get started.

Unit 3 - Abstract move 2 : Aims (the purpose of the study).

Unit 4 - Abstract move 3: Methods (how information was gathered or data was collected).

Unit 5 - Abstract move 4: Results (the main findings observed by researchers).

Curso Oficial PRCEU: Não